Empowered through Skill Mastery

Our Vision

Our vision is to be be part of an empowered community that is continuously developing and sharing the skills and knowledge to be safe and successful in outdoor environments.

Our Mission

Expect to Learn

At PeakStratagem, our mission is to teach you the skills to be competent, confident and independent in the backcountry. Our detailed curriculums break down complex skill sets into individual building blocks for progressive learning. After learning the building blocks, you will practice the skill sets with your course team while being coached by our guides. We partner with ACMG guides and experienced athletes who are experts in their outdoor pursuits, to provide you the best learning and guiding experiences.

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Brent PetersBrent is an Alpine Guide and Apprentice Ski Guide certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Brent is also a serving member of the Canadian Forces and is a founding partner of the Outward Bound Veterans Program.
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