Guided Experiences

Guiding & Mentorship

If you are looking to explore, learn, or relax in the outdoors, our guided experiences offer a unique opportunity beyond the course environment. Our guides will create an itinerary based on your goals. Expect to feel empowered as we coach you throughout the trip. From half day experiences to multi-day adventures, catering to all, from novice to advanced, there is a special objective waiting for you.

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Explore the local flora and fauna of the Canadian Rockies without leaving the ground. Hiking is the easiest way to get out and enjoy nature. Learn more about PeakSTRATAGEM’s Rocky Mountain Guided Hikes

Via Ferrata

Escape to the vertical without learning how to rock climb. Originally created in Italy so that soldiers could safely travel through the mountains without the necessity for a rope, these “iron roads” are like a ladder up a rock face. Via ferratas are a great way for anyone to feel the exhilaration of the climbing environment.Learn more about PeakSTRATAGEM’s Via Ferrata experiences.


Stand on a summit without the challenge of technical climbing terrain. There are hundreds of peaks in the Canadian Rockies that don’t require climbing.

Rock Climbing

Scale a vertical rock face. From short cliffs close to the parking to steep multi-ropelength faces, rock climbing is fun and challenging for all ages. Learn more about Rock Climbing with PeakSTRATAGEM in the Bow Valley and Beyond

Ice Climbing

Defy gravity and experience the unique challenge of ascending frozen waterfalls. The Canadian Rockies are known world wide for their quantity of amazing ice and length of season. Learn more about about PeakSTRATAGEM’s Ice Climbing Offerings

Mixed Climbing

Hook up a rock wall to gain the ice. Mixed climbing evolved to ascend waterfalls that hadn’t fully formed. Now, there are fully developed climbing areas for this gymnastic climbing skill.

Alpine Climbing

Take the ultimate challenge. The alpine is where the entire climbing skill set is combined to reach a summit.

Backcountry Ski Touring

Discover the delights of skiing under your own power. From powder laps to impressive glaciers and beautiful summits. Learn more about about PeakSTRATAGEM’s backcountry skiing and snowboarding offerings

Avalanche Skills Training

Are you a skier, ice climber, snowboarder, alpine climber or scrambler? If you are travelling the the mountains while there is still snow on the ground it’s important to understand avalanche fundamentals. AST1 & AST2, terrain management courses and mentored days are some of the ways you can up you’re avalanche game. Learn more about Avalanche Skills Training at PeakSTRATAGEM


Select Waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies
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