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Avalanche Skills Training (AST)

for Skiers, Snowboarders, Climbers and Scramblers

In Canada we are privileged to have some of the world’s finest opportunities for winter backcountry exploration, but with this right to explore comes a responsibility—to yourself, your friends and your family to get avalanche training.

Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, climber or scrambler; if you are travelling in mountainous terrain, through or below snow slopes, then developing your avalanche skillset is a must. It’s a lifelong learning experience that starts with our offering of the Canadian Avalanche Associations (CAA) standard AST1 and AST2 curriculum and continues through experience gained in the field. No matter how much experience you have, we can fast track your learning with mentored days, terrain management days and refresher courses.


In PeakSTRATAGEM’s 2 day AST1 course you will learn how to recognize avalanche terrain, you will be given a decision making toolkit to help you make safe travel choices, you’ll be introduced to snowpack structure and factors affecting stability and be taught basic companion rescue.
AST1 comes with no prerequisites and is recommended for the first time backcountry user, skiers and boarders entering the “slackcountry” at resorts.

AST1 Dates:

Canmore: Dec 5 – Dec 6 2020

Contact us  for more details or to arrange a private course.


AST2 builds on the knowlege learned in AST 1 with greater focus on terrain management and how to travel safely in avalanche terrain.
PeakSTRATAGEM’s AST2 courses come in two formats:

  • The Hut Based AST2

For skiers and split boarders, this hut based trip provides you with the same skiing experience as you would hope for at any backcountry lodge only here you will learn as you ski. Morning meetings discuss the snowpack and appropriate objectives for the day, you’ll dig pits and analyze the snow, you’ll see how weather events cause changes in the snowpack and how this should be factored into decision making and you’ll ski until you can ski no more… Opportunity to practice setting trail and choosing decent routes is available to those wanting to give it a try. For those newer to the sport you’re welcome to follow and learn.

AST2 Dates:

2020, Dec 27-Jan 3 Kootneys AST2 

2019, Dec 29 – 2020, Jan 5 @ Hilda Hut: AST 2, a 7 day Heli in / out Ski trip & AST 2.

Contact us  for more details or to arrange a private course.

  • Two Weekends Format AST2  

Have a hard time taking 4 consecutive days off to complete the AST2 training you know you want and need. Now we have the two weekend format. Locations within easy driving distance from Calgary. The format is convenient and gives you the chance to see how snowpack varies with time and season. Why not look at an early winter and a spring snowpack?

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Mentored Trips & Terrain Management Training

The learning never stops. We can take you out to fulfil any objective with an aim to mentoring you to effectively make decisions in avalanche terrain.

Terrain management days are one day refreshers on terrain management and decision making. We’ll pick and objective and a curriculum to match your experience and your needs.

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