Introduction to Rock Climbing (R1) Course

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Sat, Jun 02/18 - Sun, Jun 03/18 (2 days)

375 / Person
Canmore, AB

Introduction to Rock Climbing R1

Introduction to Rock Climbing is designed for those with no previous outdoor rock climbing experience. You will learn how to use the equipment, the foundations for rock climbing movement, and the basics of top rope climbing.


Develop basic rock climbing movement and technical skills for safe and efficient progression into the sport.

  • Confident identifying environmental hazards when top roping.
  • Confident wearing a helmet, harness, rock shoes, and chalk bag.
  • Confident belaying and tying in with a rewoven Figure 8 knot.
  • Comfortable removing quickdraws.
  • Comfortable building a simple anchor using bolts.
  • Comfortable tying a Clove hitch.
  • Comfortable rappelling with a back-up.
  • Comfortable tying a Prusik hitch.
  • Comfortable tying an Overhand knot.
  • Understand the concept of weight transfer as it relates to climbing movement.
  • Understand how to edge and smear in rock shoes.
  • Understand how to coil a rope.
  • Understand rock climbing grades.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

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