Crevasse Rescue Review Course

Student to Guide Ratio — 6:1

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Crevasse Rescue Review is designed for people who have completed a Crevasse Rescue module or course with any company or group.


Review the basic skills required for glacier travel.

    • Confident tying the following knots: Figure 8, Rewoven Figure 8, Figure 8 on a Bight, Overhand, Slippery Overhand.
    • Confident tying the following hitches: Clove, Prusik.
    • Confident setting-up and using rope systems for glacier travel including taking in coils.
    • Confident with simple 3 person crevasse rescue.
    • Comfortable with rope ascension with 2 hitches and with 1 hitch and belay device.
    • Introduction to advanced 2 person crevasse rescue

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Select Waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies
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