Crevasse Rescue Basics Course

Student to Guide Ratio — 6:1

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Crevasse Rescue basics teaches crevasse rescue systems. It is designed for the person who wants to expand their travel into glaciated terrain. No prior experience is necessary for this course


Develop the fundamentals of group crevasse rescue.

    • Confident tying the following knots: Figure 8, Rewoven Figure 8, Figure 8 on a Bight, Overhand, Slippery Overhand.
    • Confident tying the following hitches: Clove, Prusik.
    • Comfortable setting-up and using rope systems for glacier travel including taking in coils.
    • Comfortable constructing an IDEAL anchor using removable protection.
    • Comfortable with simple 3 person crevasse rescue.
    • Comfortable with rope ascension.

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