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Intro to Navigation Course

Get off the beaten track without getting lost! In this course you’ll spend an evening in a classroom (in Calgary or Canmore) learning basic navigation skills using map, compass, and other navigation equipment. Then you’ll head to the field for a full-day in the mountains applying the techniques you’ve learned.

This course will equip you with the skills needed for every outdoor adventure. So wherever your wilderness passions lie, you’ll gain the confidence and competence you need to venture beyond the crowds and explore hidden sights.

Navigation Course, Kananaskis, Rocky Mountains, National Parks, map, compass, don't get lost

Topics include

  • maps – how they’re made, how to use them, and what the squiggles mean!
  • compass, altimeter, GPS, and other navigation equipment.
  • route and navigation planning – setting you up for success!
  • PLUS! What to do if you get lost

The goal of this course is to teach navigation skills, not challenge your physical abilities. The field day will include traversing over uneven terrain throughout the day but will be kept at a walking pace.

Course Details


  • One evening session
    • Classroom (Calgary or Canmore – can be tailored to participants)
  • One full field day (within driving distance of Calgary)
  • Dates are available on request. Contact Stephen to inquire about availability.


  • $150 + tax / person


  • Equipment
    • Compass (with adjustable declination and sighting mirror preferred)
    • Daypack (large enough for food, water, spare clothing and equipment)
    • Footwear for uneven terrain
    • thermos/water bottle
    • hand sanitizer
    • Sunblock and Lip Cream
  • Maps
    • topographic maps (optional)
    • small printed paper maps will be provided
  • Transportation
  • Park Pass
  • Food and water

Other info:

  • We value small group sizes!
    • minimum participants: 4
    • maximum participants: 8

Course Registration

Email Stephen:

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