Steep Rock Technique (R4) Course

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Overhanging rock is intimidating. When the rope hangs away from the wall, it is easy to become focused on how hard the climbing feels rather than on using good technique to conserve energy and make it to the next anchor.

Steep Rock Technique teaches advanced rock climbing movement and how to redpoint challenging routes. It is designed for those who are confident climbing 5.9 and want to develop that same confidence on steeper walls. You will learn the techniques required to safely and efficiently climb vertical to overhanging rock climbs.


Develop advanced body movement to efficiently climb steep rock and how to train for the redpoint.

  • Confident identifying environmental hazards when climbing outdoor rock.
  • Comfortable hanging on straight arms while climbing and clipping to conserve energy.
  • Comfortable using drop knee and twistlock techniques to transfer weight to the lower body.
  • Comfortable falling on overhanging rock on bolts.
  • Comfortable stick clipping.
  • Understand route selection and lead climbing strategy on steep rock.
  • Perform a lead climb bolt to bolt harder than onsight ability.
  • Confident top roping 5.10- and lead climbing 5.8-9.
  • Confident building simple anchors using bolts, cleaning anchors, and threading anchors for lower or rappel.
  • Confident coiling a rope.
  • Confident tying the following knots: Figure 8, Rewoven Figure 8, Figure 8 on a Bight, Overhand.
  • Confident tying the following hitches: Clove, Prusik.

*Prerequisites are recommended for an optimum learning opportunity.
If you have questions about how your experience relates to the prerequisites, please contact us at

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