Improvised Rope Rescue Review Course

Student to Guide Ratio — 6:1

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Improvised Rope Rescue Review is designed for people who have completed a rope rescue module or course with any company or group.


Review the basic skills required for improvised rope rescue or an injured ice or rock climbing partner.

  • Confident setting up a counter balance rappel to rescue a victim below an anchor.
  • Comfortable setting up a tandem rappel
  • Comfortable Ascending a Rope
  • Perform a series of rescue scenarios while climbing.
  • Comfortable tying off a belay device using the slippery overhand knot.
  • Comfortable tying off an Italian hitch using the slippery overhand knot.
  • Comfortable using the “block and tackle” to escape from an irreversible system.
  • Comfortable setting up a direct haul system and adding mechanical advantage.
  • Comfortable lowering with a back up.

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